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Our own in-house development in the area of engineering management systems is the product EMS BASE I.

EMS is characterised by its unique ageing calculation and risk analysis of pipework for above and below flooring as well as of water fountains. A complete overview with a click of the mouse.

With EMS BASE I, we offer you a hands-on solution for the risk assessment, maintenance and monitoring of your fountains and pipework systems.

Expert competence and continual further development, in line with the newest analysis methods based on real-life situations, ensure that you have a product from and for life.

The application's main functionalities include the capturing and administration of status data for fountains and pipework.

The result of this data analysis is an ageing calculation with priority proposals for renewing the piping system.

Key performance indicators such as "Strategic importance", "Static and dynamic stress" as well as "Frequency of damage" deliver field-tested core statements about the system's "strategic age".

The intuitive user interface from EMS makes it extremely easy to learn the various functionalities, without time-consuming and cost-intensive seminars or trainings.

The connection to mobile end devices enables the work to also be completed outside of the office, directly on-site at the plant. This frees you up from the regular, and also error-prone, use of paper. Because the data is directly fed into the system, you save an enormous amount of time - and thus money. What's more, this mobile solution results in higher efficiency of the mobile working process and increased customer satisfaction too.

If you would like to learn more about the product and its characteristics, please feel free to visit us on our product website (German). Here, you can download a host of information as well as a demo installation.

Or simply contact us via the link mentioned above Link.

If our entire concept or the description of our EMS BASE I software has piqued your interest, and you have your own software development plans, please contact us about this too. It'll be worth your while.