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Data / Process Monitoring

Company data is the invisible driving force of business processes. When company data is generated, many rules have to respected by users. The data processing system can control only partially the compliance, when data is collected. In particular the validation of organizational rules while collecting data can not be automized. Disregarding this rules leads medium- to long term to a inconsistency of company data and ineffective business processes.

This is precisely where data / process monitoring starts. It comes in by testing your data quality and compliance with organisational rules automatically and continuously.

Our focus in project activities in the field of data / process quality monitoring:

  • Recording and documentation of organizational rules for source data and business processes.
  • Definition of potential supervision criteria and key figures
  • Definition of the adjustments that have to be performed for identified data, which is not conform to the rules.
  • Implementation of periodical monitoring reports with help of standard list transactions, SAP Query, SAP Logistics Information System (LIS) and / or SAP Business Warehouse.
  • Training and support for end-users

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