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Data Migration

The migration of master- and transaction data into a defined SAP target system is vital for the successful implementation of SAP or for the customization of organizational restructuring. It is not just to import the data into a SAP system but it is also a matter of entire planning, so that specially the transaction data in the target system reflects the actual status in the underlying business process.

Usually a data migration project consist of following steps:

  • Identification and analysis of source data
  • Definition of conversion rules for customizing source data to the data structure in the SAP target system
  • Download of the defined source data
  • Adjustment and conversion of source data
  • Import of the adjusted and converted source data into the SAP target system
  • Validation of data in the SAP target system

For a succesful data migration project all steps described have to be planned and documented carefully. Considering dependencies between data objects play a vital role.

Our focus in project activities in the field of data migration:

  • Definition of all data structure, which has to be migrated in source- and target system
  • Definition of possibilities for reduction data volume of each data object under consideration of standard accounting priciples and further retention periods.
  • Definition of necessary conversion rules
  • Planning, implemantation and evalutation of test migrations
  • Timing of data migration considering data object dependencies
  • Conception and developement of tools to generate loadfiles
  • Download of defined data objects
  • Upload of data by LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench) or Batch Input
  • Definition and implementation of validation processes
  • Project management of data migration projects including estimation of time- and ressources as well as implementation of test migration and validation process

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