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Safety- and Compliance Tests for ABAP Code...

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Code Security

Security and compliance tests for the ABAP Code ...

World wide CODEPROFILER is the first product which carries out automated tests for ABAP, BSP and Web Dynpro ABAP applications. Its data base contains samples of all common and critical programming practices in context with ABAB developements. This data base and our unique analysis process allow CODEPROFILER to discover all common and critical programming techniques in ABAP programmes with a reliability of 100%.

ABAP is one of the mightiest and most common high-level languages for business applications.

But how can we measure the quality of a self-developed programming code regarding the safety of a constantly changing and complex IT environment?

The only efficient way to test big and constantly changing amounts of codes, is an automated testing. CODEPROFILER is world wide the first product that provides static code analysis of ABAP an ABAP objects. It examines all common ABAP versions on a large number of typical security defects.

Target groups:

  • Manager (they identify and minimize risks in business applications)
  • Developer (they receive feedbacks on the quality of their programming)
  • Administrors (they identify critical applications on there systems)
  • Controller and staff of quality assurance (they are able to prove the safety of their application as well as critical gaps)
  • Auditors use CODEPROFILER to discover compliance irregularities

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