Our potential is our qualified staff ...

... Are you looking for a traineeship within your studies?
    ... Are you looking to get started in your career?
        ... Are you looking for a new challenge?

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The decisive factor for successful services is our staff.

We are always looking for talented employees to enhance our team.

We offer:

  • Traineeship
    Are you almost finished with your studies? And need to complete a traineeship to graduate?
  • Young Professional
    You have completed your studies and have already gained your first experiences in development. You are familiar with the MS Office world and have basic knowledge of relational databases.
  • Junior Developer
    You have 2 to 3 years of experience as a developer, can develop solutions according to set requirements and have extensive knowledge of databases.
  • Developer / Senior Developer
    You have many years of experience as a developer and have knowledge or thorough knowledge of process and management consultation.
  • Project Manager
    You have many years of experience as a developer and have real-life experience in management consultation. The terms new business, business plan, project and personnel responsibilities are not foreign to you.